4 Man Directional Sleeper

4 Large bedrooms, spacious office area with two workstations, and full kitchen area. The standard in MWD and DD accommodations.

4 Man Directional Sleeper2017-06-08T08:09:35-06:00

4 Man Executive Sleeper – 12′

4 Large private bedrooms including individual bathrooms and kitchens. All the comforts of home and more!

4 Man Executive Sleeper – 12′2021-01-20T02:46:51-07:00

3 Man Executive Sleeper – 14′

3 Spacious bedrooms with bathrooms, kitchens, and workstations. All the comforts expected in an while on the job.

3 Man Executive Sleeper – 14′2017-06-08T08:17:20-06:00

Double Orientation Office

Multiple office unit with spacious boardroom, 2 Bathroom, common area, and locker room. The ultimate meeting space.

Double Orientation Office2017-06-13T13:56:36-06:00

Orientation Office

One large room to accommodate any and all personnel on location for meetings of any kind.

Orientation Office2017-05-31T16:07:14-06:00

Command Centre

3 Ultra spacious offices with private bathrooms and 1 large kitchen area. A complete self-contained mobile office.

Command Centre2017-05-31T16:06:54-06:00


Fully functional independent Geo Lab conveniently attached to our 50/50.


Super Single

Single bedroom, large office with 2 separate desks and 2 Bathrooms. Enjoy the comfort of a private bedroom and kitchen while at the jobsite.

Super Single2017-05-31T16:06:43-06:00
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