HLS 200 Solar Hybrid Lighting Systems

Zedcor Energy Services’ newest Solar Hybrid Lighting System is designed from the ground up to be the highest performing and economical hybrid lighting system in the industry. Delivered on a unique platform that uses renewable solar energy combined with the latest in low emissions diesel engine technology.

  • PREMIUM LED LIGHTS   –  Our cutting edge LED lighting systems offer long range lighting while maintaining optimal power efficiency.
  • POWER ALWAYS AVAILABLE – We utilize multiple forms of energy to keep our battery system fully charged and at the ready. Renewable energy sources combine with proven internal combustion engines to create solutions that can work  24/7 in any condition.
  • AUTOMATION INCLUDED – Smart equipment supports lean operations – all our light towers are designed to operate autonomously from charging to the light control system.
  • LITHIUM ION BATTERIES  –  Industrial grade lithium cells made with safe  LifePO4 technology. Our Hybrid Core technology optimizes fuel consumption and power output.  The latest iteration of Lithium-Ion batteries allows for our batteries to be fully charged in 54 minutes of engine run time.
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS  –  Advanced technology should be simple to use – that’s our philosophy. We utilize the latest technology to achieve industry-leading performance – while keeping operations simple. Smart machines for modern solutions


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced mechanical wear and tear
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced human interactions with equipment
  • Remote fleet management


Zedcor’s diesel light towers supply portable lighting solutions for energy industry projects in western Canada.

Units feature large fuel capacity – Long run fuel tanks with extended capacity oil sump.

Our light towers are designed from the ground up to increase the operational efficiency of site support equipment. Low fuel warning systems help to reduce operator exposure to light tower. A visual signal starts when the unit has 1/4 tank or less of fuel, alerting site personnel that fuel fill is required at a glance.