At Zedcor, we’re more than just portable wellsites. We create space that works. Our industry leading fleet of modern, innovative wellsite accommodations will allow your employees to get the job done while experiencing the comforts of being at home. Trust Zedcor with your accommodations needs for Drilling, Completions, Facilities and Pipeline projects across western Canada.
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4 Man Directional Sleeper

4 Large bedrooms, spacious office area with two workstations, and full kitchen area. The standard in MWD and DD accommodations.

4 Man Executive Sleeper – 12′

4 Large private bedrooms including individual bathrooms and kitchens. All the comforts of home and more!

3 Man Executive Sleeper – 14′

3 Spacious bedrooms with bathrooms, kitchens, and workstations. All the comforts expected in an while on the job.

Double Orientation Office

Multiple office unit with spacious boardroom, 2 Bathroom, common area, and locker room. The ultimate meeting space.

Orientation Office

One large room to accommodate any and all personnel on location for meetings of any kind.

Command Centre

3 Ultra spacious offices with private bathrooms and 1 large kitchen area. A complete self-contained mobile office.


Fully functional independent Geo Lab conveniently attached to our 50/50.

Engineer/Engineer Quarters – 14′

2 Spacious self-contained living and working areas. Luxury and comfort that’s second to none.

4-Man Staff Quarters – 12′

4 Private bedrooms, 1 large Bathroom, and Kitchen.

Super Single

Single bedroom, large office with 2 separate desks and 2 Bathrooms. Enjoy the comfort of a private bedroom and kitchen while at the jobsite.

4-Man Staff Quarters – 14′

4 Private bedrooms, 1 large Bathroom, and Kitchen.

3 Man Executive Sleeper – 12′

3 Large bedrooms with bathrooms, kitchens, and workstations. All the comforts required while on the job.

Fitness Trailer

Stay in shape wherever you go – no excuses.

Engineer/Engineer Quarters – 12′

2 Large self-contained living and working areas. Efficiency at its highest level.

Geology Lab

Private, superior ventilation and a large working area. Everything a Geologist is going need.

Integrated Wellsite System (IWS)

A one of a kind unit. 10 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms, and 8 workstations. Completely interconnected, the IWS is the gold standard in wellsite accommodation.