Zedcor Energy Services Ltd. is in the business of providing oilfield rental equipment and accommodations to the drilling segment of the oilfield industry in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern British Columbia.

Sales & Marketing Team

Randy Hayden

Sales & Marketing


Randy Hayden began his oilfield service career in 1978 with Westburn Drilling. In 1983 Mr. Hayden joined Precision Drilling and became a Rig Manager in 1985 a position he held until 1997. Thereafter he held several roles with the culmination of a senior position in Sales and Marketing, which he held until early 2007 when he joined Winalta which is now Zedcor. Randy’s experience and deep ties to the drilling community provide Zedcor with quick access to the key decision makers within the energy industry.

Andy Williams

Sales Representative


Born and raised in Stettler Alberta, Andy Williams starting his Oil and Gas career with Commonwealth Drilling in 1963. Working with various drilling contractors he applied his trade throughout Western Canada, East Coast off-shore and in various locals in the United States. Andy transitioned into Sales and Marketing in the field with Smith Drilco in 1975. In 1982 he moved to Calgary and continued his career with Faster Oilfield Services. Mr. Williams has been a valuable member of organizations that include Black Diamond Group, Precision Rentals, Mobile Energy Services, and finally Zedcor Energy Services.


Zedcor Energy Services Corp. considers the health and safety of all its employees, visitors, contractors and clients to be a fundamental part of its operations. Every employee of the company is committed to ensuring no harm or damage comes to any person, equipment, materials or the environment by doing everything reasonably possible to prevent damaging incidents. Our goal is to eliminate the potential for incidents and injuries through the joint cooperation of senior management, supervisors and workers, the continuous monitoring and improvement of the OH&S Management Program, and fostering a positive Safe Work Culture and Attitude.

The company’s Occupational Health and Safety Management Program has been developed to meet, or in many cases exceed, the applicable provincial OH&S Acts, Regulations & Codes.

The program consists of, but is not limited to, the following elements:

  • An assessment of the hazards present in all of tasks conducted by our employees to identify, develop and implement adequate control measures so those hazards are removed completely or significantly reduced to avoid incidents and injuries.
  • A documented Occupational Health and Safety Management Manual and records that meet, or in many cases exceed, the standards of our certifying partner Enform.
  • The development and consistent enforcement of specific health and safety rules, policies and work procedures.  Every employee is required to adhere to these rules and procedures as a condition of employment.  It is also expected that all visitors, contractors and clients will abide by these rules and procedures when conducting work for or while present on the company’s property.
  • Scheduled worksite safety inspections to identify potential hazards, unsafe conditions and/or unsafe work practices so they can be removed completely or significantly reduced to avoid incidents and injuries.
  • Providing adequate resources to ensure the health and safety of everyone including but not limited too:
    • Engineered safeguards,
    • Warning signs and/or communications as circumstances warrant,
    • Personal protective equipment,
    • Competency based task specific training and specialized training as circumstances warrant,
  • Despite our best efforts the company understands that incidents and injuries can occur when contributing factors are out of our control.  When these incidents occur we are committed to conducting meaningful investigations to determine the root causes and implement effective control measures to reduce or eliminate the potential for reoccurrence.

Above all else Zedcor Energy Services Corp. is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, visitors, contractors and clients. The management team welcomes any suggestions for improvement that will assist the company in achieving this goal.

In addition to the statements above, Zedcor Energy Services Corp. fully supports the:

Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety

We, the members of the petroleum industry, have a responsibility to protect all workers engaged in its activities from personal injury and health hazards. To meet our responsibility we will operate under the following guiding principles:


The operating company, when acting as prime contractor, is responsible for coordination and general supervision of all activities at the worksite, including activities carried out by contractors, subcontractors, service companies and suppliers. While all parties have a responsibility to promote worker safety, the operating company recognizes its leadership role in promoting worker health and safety on the basis that it has the greatest power to influence worksite situations. It is the responsibility of workers and employers to refuse to perform unsafe work practices.


Activities will be conducted on the basis that safety of all personnel is of vital importance, whether those personnel are employed by an operating company, a contractor, a subcontractor, a service company or a supplier.


The process of selecting contractors, subcontractors, service companies and suppliers, and the administration of contracts, will include recognition and support of good safety performance. Support and recognition based on good safety performance will also be provided by all employers to their employees.


The operating company, in cooperation with service companies within the industry, will promote methods and practices that have potential for improving safety performance.

“When you’re in the field for months at a time, the comforts of home become especially important to keep crew morale high and ensure maximum productivity. We rely on Zedcor accommodations for all our teams.”

Jeff Boswell - Drilling Superintendent, Birchcliff Energy